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We strongly believe the business of tomorrow will need to focus on agility and speed in order to evolve. Hence, the application landscapes will be largely hybrid by nature and require a great amount of integration, data management and workflow capabilities​. We exclusively specialize in integration solutions centered around the Boomi platform.
The Boomi AtomSphere iPaaS supports all your application integration processes – between cloud platforms, SaaS applications, and on-premise systems. Boomi automates your workflows and designs, secures, and scales APIs. The Master Data Hub synchronizes and enriches data across your enterprise.

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The complexity of IT efforts is often addressed with equally complex planning strategies. Smaller businesses do not have the resources nor the appetite for such investments. New models for IT delivery are making architectural planning a necessity. An IT architecture plan is required to build success in the digital economy. Blents will be happy to assist and guide. Contact our experts for a free consultation.

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