To execute B2B transactions in this new world, companies need solutions that deliver capabilities beyond traditional EDI.

Boomi offers cloud-native integration with your EDI/B2B ecosystem while ensuring security, compliance and end-to-end visibility.

Achieve a modern business landscape

Boomi simplifies B2B communication

Ensuring smooth collaboration across your ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates with trading partners, automates processes, adheres to industry standards, provides real-time visibility, scales with your business, reduces costs, and ensures secure data transmission.

Streamlined partner management

Boomi EDI provides an easy-to-use interface that enables businesses to quickly integrate with partners, suppliers, and vendors to simplify processes, create greater supply-chain visibility and trade more efficiently.

Eliminate outsourcing isolation

Ensure that collaboration isn't isolated and decoupled from the broad requirements of modern digital transformation. With Boomi B2B/EDI, you don't need a separate external integration or workflow tool to get data in or out of the ERP successfully.

Tools for efficiency

Get tools to help your business move faster, more securely, and with greater efficiency. This includes a wide variety of traditional and modern EDI standards including XML, X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet, and Tradacoms, as well as the ability to define custom standards.

Our services

Expert consulting
Blents has a team of integration consultants, architects and developers to assist customers in the transformation, answering questions in a data-driven way. Digital transformation comes with new expectations in order to become a true technology-enabled company.
Blents offers Implementation and development services: all services required to technically prepare the software solution for operational use. It includes setting up the services to meet technical system requirements and technical parameterization.
Every business uses software to manage business processes and to communicate with partners. Software products require activating licenses. Blents does not only sell the required licenses, we also help choosing the correct mix of required choices.
With years of experience and a motivated staff, Blents can provide full integration support with a help desk team in Europe and India. Blents ensures the effectiveness and productivity of systems, connections and workflow.

Effortlessly integrate, manage, and optimize your B2B/EDI transactions, enabling seamless collaboration and maximizing data value.

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