Companies rely on qualitative data to make business decisions daily on a global basis. MDM ensures the consistency, accuracy and reliability of the company's data.

If you keep more than one copy of the data, it can and will result in inefficiency in your crucial "single version of the truth" across all copies. Your “golden master record” is critical to the quality of your operational data.

Achieve a modern business landscape


Data needs to be accurate, complete, consistent, and last but not least: valid. Well built and pertained MDM puts technical constraints on modifying records, preventing duplicate or incomplete entries from occurring in business processes.


MDM provides a structure that coordinates data throughout the organization and presents each object’s (customer, supplier, product, …) single view, eliminating redundancies and errors. MDM ensures your data is consistent by storing data into one platform.


Data changes over time. Instead of modifying by creating another record or duplicating information, simplify the update to single master data records. This increases the efficiency of the business processes.


Companies increase the number of data platforms and turn to new technologies, MDM makes migration easier. Data can flow easily between the cloud or on-site, or between different database systems, at different partner environments.

Our services

Expert consulting
Blents has a team of integration consultants, architects and developers to assist customers in the transformation, answering questions in a data-driven way. Digital transformation comes with new expectations in order to become a true technology-enabled company.
Blents offers Implementation and development services: all services required to technically prepare the software solution for operational use. It includes setting up the services to meet technical system requirements and technical parameterization.
Every business uses software to manage business processes and to communicate with partners. Software products require activating licenses. Blents does not only sell the required licenses, we also help choosing the correct mix of required choices.
With years of experience and a motivated staff, Blents can provide full integration support with a help desk team in Europe and India. Blents ensures the effectiveness and productivity of systems, connections and workflow.

Business decisions are based on good quality data provided by MDM

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