In this video, you will discover how we cracked digital for Renta Solutions

Renta Solutions can be situated in the middle of the automotive community. The company focusses on IT applications for car renting & leasing in the leasing industry, and fleet management for companies with a big fleet.


We can say that all projects so far started have been delivered on time, on budget and on scope. So I can only recommend Blents.


Erik Maes, General Manager Renta Solutions


When we started at Renta Solutions, our main goal was to define a modern interconnected application landscape allowing the company to efficiently manage, connect and scale their hybrid application landscape. Hereby facilitating their envisioned growth whilst keeping the agility that makes them so efficient in their current and new markets.

Boomi’s visual user interface makes it easy to build integration processes.


Renta Solutions has chosen Boomi as an enterprise service bus to integrate all the different parties.

At Renta Solutions, Boomi functions as a communication layer. Boomi accesses the file transfer hub and also offers various API services to its partners using the various API management features. We implemented robust error handling using assorted building features. With these powerful features, we enable a seamless onboarding process for new leasing companies which is easily reproducible.


The advantages of this solution:

  1. Architecture
    Our solution connects everything. People, processes, cars, applications, devices & things. We delivered a complete fabric of connectivity centered around the car and its driver. Our solution facilitates end-to-end connectivity across platforms, both in the cloud and on-premise. Business outcomes: deliver more value from the platform investment, gives a proactive approach, total control
  2. Intuitiveness
    Our solution allowed for increased ease of use and accelerated time to value by eliminating the need for complex coding and data mapping, and providing enhanced error resolution monitoring and reporting. Business outcomes: ease of use, higher productivity, process efficiency

"Why did we choose Blents? They have a combination of offshore and onsite development. So if you look at the efficiency of it, also financially, it is quite interesting.

Our experience with Blents: they are extremely professional, and deliver on time with full transparency."

Erik Maes, General Manager Renta Solutions

Renta Solutions definitely acknowledges the advantages of Boomi. With its clear, user-friendly, and interconnected application landscape, the company has a strong ambition to go international. They believe Boomi is one of the key assets for their growth as they will need to integrate with even more parties in the near future.

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