In this video, you'll discover how we customized integration solutions to perfectly align with the specific needs of FCR Media.

FCR Media is a digital full-service provider that serves over 50,000 customers in the BeNeLux region. In 2023, the company achieved the 6th position in the ranking of 100 Belgian digital agencies, according to an independent survey by DigiMedia. This accomplishment further solidifies FCR Media's status as the largest agency in the Benelux region, specifically for Belgian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


We needed a flexible technology that was highly configurable, without too much coding in it. And for that, Boomi was the ideal platform.


Bart Van der Heijden, CIO at FCR Media


As one of the largest digital marketing agencies, FCR Media collaborates with multiple vendors and partners to deliver on customer requirements, each serving unique purposes. However, the challenge arises in bringing all these different companies together. Previously, FCR Media relied on complex and cumbersome on-premise legacy applications that necessitated extensive coding, resulting in time-consuming development and testing processes. Moreover, the limitations of these legacy applications meant that they couldn't fulfill all the diverse business requirements, often requiring the agency to seek different platforms for different purposes.

For instance, within FCR Media, there is a need to create automated workflows for running batch jobs, publish APIs for partner consumption, and set up endpoints to accept outbound messaging from Salesforce.


To address the need for a more agile solution, FCR Media presented a strategic plan to re-platform their architecture to cloud-first and best-in-class. One of the cornerstones of this digital architecture was an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution. They opted for the Boomi platform to bridge data and processes between different applications in their architecture, which enabled them to develop approximately 200 different integration processes utilizing 30 connectors. These integrations encompassed various applications such as Salesforce, API integrations with platforms like Wix, Twikey, VCita, Mono, and Azure (including AD and Storage integrations). Notably, the Boomi platform offered valuable features for different integrations, including phone validation and VAT validation with VIES check. Addressing these challenges, Boomi, as a leading iPaaS tool, offers a comprehensive and unified platform solution. It serves as a one-stop solution for developing various interfaces, accommodating the diverse needs of FCR Media. By adopting Boomi, FCR Media gains access to a versatile and flexible integration platform that supports the development of all types of interfaces, simplifying the integration process and enabling seamless collaboration among different partners and systems. To ensure effective monitoring, FCR Media implemented robust error-handling mechanisms with e-mail integration.


With Boomi at the core of FCR Media's digital architecture, the platform has played a pivotal role in streamlining its business processes by effectively integrating and managing data across multiple systems and applications. This centralization of data management enables FCR Media to enhance efficiency and optimize its operations by eliminating data silos and improving data flow throughout the organization. FCR Media has achieved a more cohesive and streamlined digital architecture, resulting in improved productivity and overall business performance.

"Working with Blents brought significant improvements, notably in implementation speed, which was notably faster, along with high-quality deployments."

Gert Verhaeren, Boomi IT Analyst
  • Business critical finance integrations were developed in Boomi, leveraging its support for both batch processing and real-time processing. This resulted in quicker and more efficient job completion.
  • Webservices and endpoints were created in Boomi, allowing for the acceptance and listening of data from Salesforce outbound messages. This streamlined the transfer of Salesforce updates to other systems.
  • Development time was significantly reduced due to Boomi's extensive library of over 200 pre-existing connectors, which are easily configurable. Additionally, Boomi's AI-powered features suggest mappings, further enhancing development efficiency.
  • Boomi's integration capabilities provided exponentially increased time-to-value and productivity compared to traditional solutions. Integrations can be developed quickly and run faster, resulting in accelerated business outcomes.

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