5 Ways to improve the effectiveness of your business with integrations
Why is integration so essential in business todayIt’s simple: without it, your systems can’t communicate.  From small organizations to large ones, integration is vital for efficiency and quality. 
Blents joins the Ando Group
We are thrilled to announce that Blents has joined the Ando Group. This marks a significant milestone in our growth and expansion journey.
De ethische code van AI
Articifiële Intelligentie (AI) is een steeds belangrijker onderwerp in de wereld van technologie en innovatie. Het biedt veel kansen voor de toekomst, maar roept ook ethische vragen, bedreigingen en uitdagingen op.
The power of co-working days for remote workers
Blents adopted a hybrid working approach that allows our employees to work from home or come into the office as needed. One way we strive to maintain connection and collaboration among our team is by organizing co-working days on a regular basis.
The story of Arno
Arno Frisch is an Integration Consultant at Blents. He joined our team in May last year. Discover his journey in this blog.
How can BEA help with the optimization of your HR processes?
We have built an integrated tool that makes human resource management and operations easier and more efficient by integrating all these functionalities into one single platform, named the Blents Employee Accelerator (BEA).
Boomers becomes Blents
Boomers is excited to announce that their company name changes to Blents as from today.  The branding transformation also includes a new solution offering.

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