The story of Arno

Arno Frisch is an Integration Consultant at Blents. He joined our team in May last year. Discover his journey in this blog.


“I’ve taken my first steps in IT at a local firm where I was monitoring network-related issues as an IT operator. While working there beforehand, I took some lessons to finish up my network engineering certificate. This gave me the opportunity to step into the wonderful world of IT.

My daily routine consisted of monitoring the whole network and resolving issues of Colruyt, from shops (checkout, wifi, PDAs,…) to factories. The most exciting thing about my job was to find the cause of errors/issues and try to solve them. Due to the fact that we had to transfer “bigger” issues to other parties in the company, I left the company.

After all these years at Colruyt, I decided it was time for something completely new. A new career path where I can search for solutions independently. That’s where my father joins this story.

My father’s daily job is to solve issues for organizations and make their activities easier by integrating their applications/systems so that they can work together. I was intrigued by the looks of it and when I saw their job offer I thought “wow”. The form wasn’t like other companies, it was playful, young and so good-looking. And this for a company that had the name ‘Boomers’ at that time!

My father introduced me to the company and showed me a bit of what he does all the time. That’s where I met Olivier, the COO of Blents. We had a very nice chat and because I was totally new in the integration world, he gave me a training account of Boomi. I immediately started with the training and oh boy was I hooked from the start!

In a couple of weeks, I completed the necessary training and got the certifications I needed to get started. Without hesitation, I resigned from my old job and signed up for a bright future, one at Blents! I say bright because now I see what I’m capable of, what is possible if you believe in it. But it wasn’t all fun and games though. It was a hard decision to make as I was working for almost 9 years at the Colruyt. Above that, integrations were totally new for me. It was a steep hill to climb.

I’m still learning day by day and sometimes it gets tough. But in the end, there’s an awesome team behind me if I need any help or if I’m having some doubts.”

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