How can BEA help with the optimization of your HR processes?

A good HR management system is crucial for companies these days. Employees are, after all, the defining factor of success for an organization.  

There are a lot of systems involved in managing employees such as administration tools, payroll tools, network accesses, etc. It is hectic for an organization to maintain all applications serving different purposes. We have built an integrated tool that makes human resource management and operations easier and more efficient by integrating all these functionalities into one single platform, named the Blents Employee Accelerator (BEA). Using our BEA tool will help your organization to bring your employees on board easier, integrate them better and make everyone’s job straightforward.  


Simplify your processes 

BEA integrates all internal and external applications into one single interface and just simplifies your current processes. With its user-friendly interface and modern look and feel, you don’t have to be an IT expert to use the BEA application. It is additionally accessible anywhere with a simple browser on a laptop, mobile and any portable device.   

Organizations don’t need to purchase access to different software solutions. You only need access to BEA which updates all the data in the background.  

What is behind BEA?

The BEA application has been built around a user interface and the integration platform. The application starts with a smooth onboarding process where future employees are fully engaged in their soon-to-be working environment. When a person starts at an organization, their data will be stored in the main HR system. On top of that, BEA can integrate employee data in the background to other applications used in the organization, using the integration platform. As said before, the HR department can manage other functionalities like payroll management in BEA. This will reduce the burden of maintaining multiple applications in the organization


An offer letter is sent to a soon-to-be employee. By the time the offer letter is accepted, we can start the first moment in BEA. The details are sent to the IT department for the timely allocation of laptop, ID, access to platforms, … HR adds the required documents in BEA where the employee can sign them digitally, even on his mobile phone.  

From the first working day, the employee can fill in his/her timesheets in the solution. If the employee is sick, he can add his doctor’s letter and absence in BEA.   

When the employee or employer decides it’s time to leave the organization, the offboarding starts in BEA. All departments will get the details for the release of the laptop, access closing, car check, …  


With our BEA application, your employees will experience smooth HR processes without any hassle. You will get a more accurate view of your organization with employee reporting.  

BEA will influence your overall organization. Happy employees will lead to happy customers.  


Looking for a user-friendly HR solution? Reduce the complexity of your landscape and introduce BEA into your workplace! 

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